Make decisions based on relevant information!

How much fuel did my fleet consume in the last quarter? How efficient was my fleet this week? How many operating hours have we spent on a particular construction site?

Create powerful reports that answer all of these questions in just a few clicks. With B.connect.

Features at a glance.

  • Optimized vehicle use

    Optimize the utilization of your vehicles by analyzing collected data and so save costs effectively.

  • Vehicle security

    Theft protection provides more security. Receive notifications if a GeoFence is exceeded.

  • Fuel savings

    Check and reduce your vehicles' fuel consumption.

  • Vehicle data check

    Check all the important vehicle data in real time before you drive off.

  • Wear and maintenance

    With B.connect, you always have an overview of wear and maintenance, preventing unnecessary downtime due to breakdowns.

  • Automatic fault alarm

    The system notifies you by e-mail or push notification if certain of your vehicle's parameters are abnormal.

  • Remote service

    Reduce the need for on-site service by remotely diagnosing, maintaining and repairing your machines.

  • Maintenance planning

    Replace inefficient maintenance procedures with digitized workflows to increase the effectiveness of your aftersales staff.

If you have additional questions,

our after-sales team will be happy to help you.