Top service for your Bergmann.

Anyone who uses a Bergmann knows that our dumpers are great examples of German workmanship, characterized by their high reliability in operation. But anyone who uses a Bergmann also knows that if something is not running smoothly, you can always rely on our dedicated field service and our trained dealers, who will be on the spot quickly if problems arise. This will not change in the future – but we want to do even better.

Whether it’s spare parts ordering, remote maintenance, fleet management or video support, with our new digital service offerings, you not only benefit from greater convenience, but also get even more out of your Bergmann fleet.

  • Comfortable and flexible

    With our digital service components, you always know how your fleet is doing. Create detailed reports and be notified automatically of any irregularities, order spare parts around the clock or contact our support team virtually in an instant.
  • Increased machine uptime

    Act quickly whenever needed: with our digital service, downtime can be reduced even more effectively and, in many cases, completely avoided from the outset. The increased machine availability saves you money in the long term.
  • Good is getting better

    Our digital offering is the perfect complement to our proven personal service. Where travel times and other factors result in unnecessary waiting times, digital solutions often offer a location-independent and thus cost-saving shortcut.

The full range.

Good individually, best in a package: get our digital top-of-the-range service as a complete package.

The formula is simple: minimized downtime + full cost transparency = maximum efficiency.


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