Nothing to fear from "poor weather conditions"

New applications for Bergmann dumpers

For many years, the mud of the Ems has been dredged and used for cultivation on the flat expanses of the northern Emsland. On behalf of the Emden Waterway and Shipping Office (WSO), new dredging sites are being created, covering a total area of over 22 hectares. This corresponds to a total area larger than 30 football pitches. To this end, large quantities of earth have been removed from parts of the intended site and banked up in 2.8m embankments to mark the edge of the area.

Bergmann Maschinenbau originated in the Emsland and has registered a lot of interest in its compact 10-tonne track dumper from the 4000 series. Based on past experiences, building and contracting companies are increasingly relying on strong machinery with low ground pressure.

The subsoil in the dredging areas is extremely wet and muddy. A conventional truck or tractor often cannot cope with these conditions. The Bergmann rear tipper 4010HK has been demonstrating its capabilities for a number of months. The 240-HP rubber-track dumper is impressive for its manoeuvrability and transport capacity, especially over the wet subsoil. Equipped with a low-emissions Cummins engine, this Bergmann vehicle can reach working speeds of 16 km/h. This is particularly advantageous for the ongoing transportation of soil. Indeed, it has proven so beneficial that after a few days another 4010, this time with a rounded dumper design, was also deployed. Originally, the plan was only to start using the second machine after a couple of months, for the construction of the adjacent electricity route. "The energy revolution and the associated expansion of infrastructure offer incredible potential for our vehicles, in particular our track dumpers," declares Hans-Hermann Bergmann. "Access routes to wind parks require extensive soil replacement all year round, while delays due to deep soils or impassable stretches of land are not an option when it comes to the network expansion across Germany. In other words, these are ideal conditions for the new 4010R."

This machine is designed for continuous, year-round use. The cabins of Bergmann dumpers also offer excellent views over the working area, even in poor weather. The vehicles' low centre of gravity also ensures greater safety. With its rotating rounded tipper and rotating driver platform, the Bergmann 4010 R eliminates the need for time-consuming, precarious turning manoeuvres on low load-bearing ground. The comfortable driver's cabin offers plenty of space and an air-sprung seat that ensures safe working conditions over long periods. The standard equipment also includes automatic high-performance heating and air conditioning as well as a heated windscreen. All maintenance points can be safely reached via the two-part bonnet for swift and straightforward maintenance.

As such, there are plenty of good reasons to buy and start using a second dumper for autumn. In addition to these new applications in infrastructure construction, Bergmann also offers the 4010 as a carrier vehicle for various special structures such as cranes, flatbeds, platforms and specific tippers. Construction and contracting companies can ensure a sense of security in planning, with less dependence on the notorious "poor weather conditions" at their sites.

"It's shaping up to be a fantastic autumn," enthuses Hans-Hermann Bergmann, in reference to the tough conditions in the Emsland.