Bergmann 4010 R

A top class workplace.

The unique combination of a rotatable driver console and swivel tip bucket makes time-consuming turning manoeuvres on unstable surfaces unnecessary and increases working safety. Additional safety is provided by the patented dumper chute, which can be extended as needed to increase the distance from the excavation. The Bergmann 4010 R is also set apart by its new Comfort Line cab. With lots of space, air suspension driver’s seat, automatic heating/air-conditioning, heated front windscreen and a high quality interior.

Made in Germany

Technical data.

Bergmann 4010 R | Swivel Tip Dumper

Payload 10,000 kg
Capacity level 5.8 m³
Capacity heaped 6.6 m³
Total length 6.315 mm
Total width 2,900 mm
Clearance height without beacon light 3,020 mm
Ground clearance 610 mm
Dumping height 555 mm
Load height 2,175 mm
Engine power 186 kW
Empty weight 14,850 kg