Our dumpers 2019.

Series 2000. Wheel dumpers, open. 3 – 9 t payload.

With a short tail, high sitting position, economical engine and swivel tip, a Bergmann dumper of the 2000 series is your transport vehicle for fast and safe work at small and medium-sized construction sites. Equipped with a weather protection roof with a windscreen (optional), the 2000 series models can be used all year round. Well-conceived: the roof of the 2060 and 2090 models can be lowered in no time for truck transport.

Series 3000. Wheel dumpers, cab. 12 t payload.

The Bergmann dumpers of the 3000 series show that efficient work, cross-country mobility, travelling comfort and safety are ideally compatible. Any 3000 series model confidently masters everyday challenges. The Bergmann provides the operator with optimal conditions for concentrated work. The rotating operator stand (optional) ensures the best overview, both forwards and backwards. The interior of the air-conditioned driver‘s cab inspires with high quality equipment.

Series 4000. Track dumpers, cab. 10 t payload.

Bergmann dumpers of the series 4000 do their job even on rough terrain. The powerhouses on tracks convince with high transport performance, are low-emission and economical in consumption and offer maximum safety. Two hydrostatic power trains with constant full power, optimal weight distribution with any load and the hydraulic parking brake for a guaranteed secure hold even on extreme inclines make practically any terrain accessible.

Series 5000. Wheel dumpers, cab. 12 – 25 t payload.

With its ergonomic reversible seat, the tunnel dumpers offer an excellent view of the work environment from every direction of travel. With work speeds up to 40 km/h forwards and 35 km/h backwards, the Bergmann 5025 HKPLUS is the ideal transport vehicle for tunnelling and mining.

Made in Germany