Bergmann Presents New Electric All-wheel Drive Transporter

Available as a construction vehicle and for municipal use

Societal efforts to increase sustainability and reduce emissions do not stop at commercial vehicle construction. With its 804e model, Bergmann Maschinenbau is already implementing the partial strategic direction it made in 2017 to electrify products in its product portfolio. All dumpers and all-wheel drive transporters with a payload of up to 4 tons will in the future be realized on a drive train developed by Bergmann for this purpose.

One year after the 60th Anniversary of the company, the Meppen-based company is not looking back but instead to the future by demonstrating uninterrupted innovative capacity and an unerring instinct for new opportunities. The development team has been working on the core of the new range of vehicles for urban areas since 2018. The battery management system is the centerpiece of the electric vehicle line in addition to Bergmann’s modularly manufactured lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery units with a total capacity of 24 kWh. The advantages of LFP technology lie in its durability and high degree of safety. LFP is non-flammable, and solid performance is ensured even after 10,000 charging cycles. Compared to old lead-acid battery concepts, LFP is also low-maintenance, significantly lighter and can be variably installed – advantages that make new solution concepts possible, especially in compact machine construction. The LFP batteries can be charged via a standard domestic socket outlet or alternatively via quick charging stations or 3-phase industrial power. The charging technology for all variants is already installed in the vehicle and offers maximum flexibility for the user.   

The C804e model is initially being offered as a bulk and general cargo transporter with a tipper or alternatively with a robust three-sided tipping bed for the construction industry. Under the designation M804e, the same vehicle base also offers a powerful alternative for municipal use ("Municipality Line") as an attachment carrier. Thanks to the numerous attachments, e.g., for irrigation, cleaning, landscaping or winter road clearance work, the M804e can be flexibly used for urban building yards or relevant service providers.

The unique selling point of the 804e is its unmatched payload. While other electric concepts reach their limits at a maximum payload of between 500 and 1,500 kg, the new E-Bergmann transports up to 3.5 metric tons per load. The two solid steel frames, which are connected to one another by a swinging swivel joint, are robustly designed. In combination with all-wheel steering and a rotatable driver’s stand, Bergmann realizes more than 50 years of dumper experience in a completely transformed installation space. The result is a truly all-terrain all-wheel drive transporter without compromise – created for professional requirements in urban environments.

Thanks to its compact dimensions with a total height of less than 2 meters, the C804e construction vehicle particularly comes into its own on building densification, renovation or conversion construction sites. Emission-free and low-noise work in a (partially) enclosed environment supports employee safety. In addition, the C804e is ideal for use on construction sites where residents, guests or tourists might be disturbed. In addition to particularly sensitive areas such as hospitals and recreational facilities, living closely together and local requirements for rest and recreation require modern machine technology.

Anyone who wants to experience the 804e in action can contact the manufacturer or the numerous regional sales partners directly.